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West Indies Treasure

Bringing you hand crafted items made by the skilled artisans of the Caribbean islands

Treasures from the People of the Caribbean

Saba Collection

cayman islands collection

Montserrat Collection

The Story of west indies treasure

Hi, I'm Tim, the owner of the store

I'm a scuba instructor in Charleston, SC and I lead diving trips all over the world.  Since the Caribbean is right in our back yard, we travel those islands a lot.  In my travels, I could not help but notice the creativity of the Caribbean people.  The relaxed, freindly, and fun loving nature of the people is one of the best things I love about traveling the islands.  I think this "atitude of the lower latitutes" has inspired the creation of some beautiful arts and crafts.  On all the islands I see some amazing stuff for sale, but I never had room in my luggage to bring much back.  All that dive and photo gear puts a burden on the smaller planes that hop the islands.  Then, back home, I figured I could get lots of stuff off the web, but found slim pickings.  Internet bandwidth is sparse down there, so web sites are few.  Well, it didn't take me long to figure out I needed to become an importer and offer the best of the Caribbean to the rest of the world.

So, please enjoy these treasures.  The site is still new, so there are lots more great things to come!  Please check back often.