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"Saba, where's that?"  That's what I mostly get when I mention to someone that I'm headed for Saba.  Most folks have not heard of this tiny island because it does not get a lot of tourists.  There are no real beaches here and no cruise ships come here, so they only get about 20,000 visitors a year.  Which is fine with me because I love the uncrowded little villages, lush rain forest nature trails, and world class scuba diving.  Oh, and there's the many great restaurants that make for a fine ending to a long day of bird watching or diving.  The locals are out going and friendly and treat visitors like "guests" and not like "tourists".

I met Marie Petit back when she ran The Green Shop in Windwardside selling her beautiful hand made jewelry.  So naturally, I had to come here and see her as soon as I opened my eStore.  I was very lucky to acquire some of her stuff and hope to have even more in the near future.  Everything she makes is unique and is guaranteed for life.  If something ever breaks, I will pay the shipping to get her to fix it for you!

You may note, Marie's jewelry contains no shells or other sea creature products.  This is due to Saba Marine Park rules.  Saba is surrounded by one to the world's first marine parks dedicated to protecting the island's beautiful sea life.  She uses many types of tree seeds, flower pods, and such instead.  One cool thing about the pieces that have tree seeds, the more you wear it, the shiner and prettier they get from your skin oils.


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